Grinding Mill MTM Series

MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill is a leading-world-level industrial mill. it is designed by our own engineers and techni- cal workers, basing on industrial mill research of many years and adop ng world-leading-powder processing technology. Our machine adopts many advantages from numbers of mill all over the world, such as trapeziums working surface, flexible connec on, roll linked pressure boost, etc. It has overcome the tradi onal mills defect completely in applica on, capacity, finenes, energy consump on, service life, etc.

And it is the ideal subs tute of the tradi on- al mill, such as Raymond mill, high pressuure suspension mill, ball mill, etc. Nowadays, our products have been widely used in metallurgy industry, electric power industri- al, chemical, building, steel industry, coal industry, etc. And it has brought large economic benefits to our customers and the society

Technology Advantages

1. High efficient design of roller and ring: the roller and ring are in trapezium type of different diameter ( upper side is bigger than lower side), this design can reduce material drop speed, extend the grinding  me, so the power forming percentage and grinding efficiency are increased.

2. Pressure-adding spring design: symmetrically, the roller assembly is connected by horizontal spring through rod, when material pass the assembly, the radial force can pass to symmetrical assembly through spring rod to keep balance.

3. Smooth vibra on reduce design: the main unit and upper side classifier are connected by spring, and sealed with so  belt, which reduce the noise, sympathetic vibra on is also avoided.

4. High density design of vanes: the higher vane density, the more fineness of final product. That is, same fineness, the vane rota on speed of high density is slower than low density, which means the air resistance is smaller, so the capacity and efficiency are increased.

5. Convenient vane adjust design: gap between vane end and shell are the main factor of product fineness, this is one patent of this mill.

6. High efficiency blower design: this mill is equipped with most advanced centrifu- gal blower, whose efficiency is 25% higher than tradi onal blower.

7. Besides, our MTM 190 adopts uniqe automa c circulate thin oil lubrica on system, when roller rotates, the oil is sent to upper bearing due to screw pump theory. And with four different types of seal combina on, the seal effect much more efficient than tradi onal seal, the life me of bearing is thus prolonged. Box pulse duster is introduced, it is be er than other duster in automa za on and environmental protec on effect. We also introduce newest system colloca on scheme in the whole set equipment, this scheme not only save the space, but also decrease energy consump on of flowing air in system. Good basis is established to achieve higher economic benefit.